The very next time you’re obtaining a prescription, don’t be worried to create some intentional eye contact utilizing the lovely pharmacist behind the counter.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a pharmacist:

1. Pharmacists are trained to be really conscious of your quality of life needs — this will make them very good listeners.

2. Your own time can realize your desire to make decisions and offer suggestions about the location.

3. Most pharmacists have actually powerful men and women skills. They truly are friendly, intuitive, mild and reassuring.

4. The fun “drug dealership” jokes.

5. Pharmacists make great money â€” and then have task security. We’re going to always need visitors to dispense prescriptions and offer over-the-counter medical health advice.

6. Pharmacists have been in demand and may work virtually anywhere. If the work transfers you across the country, the pharmacist lover is going to be capable move, also.

7. Pharmacists have actually great familiarity with human body. Just sayin’.

8. That wise and gorgeous white lab jacket.

9. Pharmacists tend to be very humble and wise sufficient to advise seeking a physician’s opinion once they don’t have the responses or diagnostic capabilities.

10. Pharmacists play because of the policies. Men and women believe in them not to take opportunities regarding probably high-risk medicine relationships.

11. They understand precisely how to handle your own disappointed belly or allergy attacks.

12. Sparks will fly. In the end, pharmacists have actually an extensive familiarity with “chemistry.”

13. They’ve got established some good resistant techniques.

14. Clear perk: no-cost blood pressure checks!

15. Pharmacists cause people to feel a lot better.