NVIDIA GPU UEFI Firmware Update Tool

In addition to the next generation of products, the hardware engineering manager will support existing production activities here in Kenya as well as other sites and partners in Africa, Asia, and India. At the widest focal lengths, the lens does have some slight focus breathing. It’s minor enough that most photographers won’t notice unless doing […]

Sony Releases a7, a7R & a7S Firmware 3 20 Updates

For example, Computer Hope may recommend updating your software to resolve an issue you may be experiencing. Developer/publisher website – Many software developers and publishers provide updates to software through their websites. Check their website for any available updates, which may include bug fixes and added features. Google is also working on extending these dates […]

How To Fix Airpods Won’t Connect Issue Super Easy

I hope you know the procedure to force restart the phone on which AirPods are connected but there is no sound. To turn on noise cancellation in Android and Windows devices, long–press the touch–sensitive button on the side of AirPods. Without enabling the Active Noise Cancellation option, your AirPods can not suppress unwanted sounds. So, […]

What Is A Firmware How Is It Different From A Software

In order to get to your modem’s settings, you’ll need to know your modem’s IP address. If your ISP isn’t going to update you modem when they should, you need to know about it. As a result, all ISPs don’t update modems like they should. This can be especially true when your internet plan isn’t […]