Our Infrastructure is our core strength!

Our products are made fully in-house and are not outsourced. Yes, we believe in delivering what we claim. That to us is being authentic. To ensure we deliver this consistently, we have invested in infrastructure and equipment which will help us to provide good quality products, consistently, at affordable prices. Wanting to deliver the best in the industry we have acquired equipment from top manufacturers in the country and abroad such as Yamato, Flavourite (Heat and Control), Thermax, SV Agri, and Urschel.

Capacities and capabilities of our infrastructure:

  1. Equipment – capable of making different styles of chips.
  2. Potato Chips line capacity: 500 kg potato chips/hour.
  3. Extruded snack line capacity: 500 kg/hour.
  4. 6.5 acres of land available for future expansion.

Certified by FSSAI(Food Safety and Standards Authority of India), our products are made keeping quality as our top priority. Our products are made with high quality, Indian raw materials. So we are a fully Made in India company!

All the manufacturing processes take place in our 6 acres, manufacturing unit in Karnataka. From raw materials extraction to the packaging of final products, there is no transportation between any process. Thus no time lag. We make sure our final products are of the highest quality and made with naturally acquired ingredients.

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