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Ceeta was incorporated in 1984 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to achieve something extraordinary while doing ethical business and ended up achieving even more.

About Us

Ceeta Industries Ltd was incorporated in 1984 by a group of entrepreneurs who wanted to create something extraordinary while doing ethical business and ended up achieving even more. 

Ceeta group started with a 2500 tpa High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) woven sacks in 1986 with a capital outlay of Rs.419 lacs. Subsequently, in 1991 the group put up a project to manufacture Crimped / Air Texturised Synthetic Yarn at Udaipur (Rajasthan) with an investment of Rs.1140 lac, funded by a public issue. The meteoric growth of the Ceeta group continued when in 1994, the Company put up a 100% export oriented unit (EOU) to manufacture granite products, at Tumakuru with an investment of Rs. 1800 lacs and expanded their Udaipur plant. 

Businesses have both ups and downs. In 1995, rather than indulge in malpractices due to unhealthy competition, the group decided to sell their HDPE unit as a going concern. In 1999, the group closed their Synthetic yarn unit in Udaipur since it was no longer viable for the synthetic yarn unit.

The granite business continued to do well. In 2015 the group implemented a project for the manufacture of 6500 PSC Poles per month at its plant at Kasia, Kushinagar (UP) to cater to the requirement of North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (NBPDCL). This was scaled up to a unit in Ramgarh which successfully catered  1 lacs poles unit to Jharkhand Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited (JBVNL) till 2020. And was closed post project completion.

In 2018, the Ceeta Group decided to shut down the granite unit due to deteriorating margins and cutthroat competition. 

In 2019 the Ceeta Group ventured into the manufacture of Essential Oils. The group produces Nagarmotha Oil (Cypriol) & Lemongrass Oil primarily catering to the Flavor & Fragrance Industry.  

How has Ceeta Group navigated, survived and thrived through such a challenging business environment? Identifying profitable business opportunities, running them profitably and exiting them when it becomes very challenging and margins drop, requires foresight, management skills and timely action. The secret is in our values – Discipline, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Honesty and Timeliness. Read the values page to know more.

The result –  The Company is financially debt free with its existing businesses – building material exports and production of essential oils, generating reasonable profits. Our shares are quoted at a premium on the Bombay Stock Exchange. We are completely transparent and compliant. We are proud to have achieved everything we have so far, in the past 38 years.

So that’s our Story !

Our Vision for Skitos

In 2020, Ceeta Group created a vision of expanding its business into the food industry with Skitos. Our first choice was the snack market and our dream – 

“To provide Indians with new Snack Flavors that will be tasty, healthy, and different from existing snacks in the country”.

Our vision is to manufacture snacks that suit the Indian taste preferences and deliver the highest quality of food Flavors to the Indian snack market. Skitos’s products are made keeping in mind the Indian taste buds. Our wide range of flavors will cater to your different choices, ensuring there is something for everyone. Our focus is on quality, consistency and delivering superior taste. 

Our goal is to create something unique and full of flavor. Skitos offers different flavors in snacks from potato chips (plain, tomato, cream onion and more), extruded snacks to varieties of fryums (wheels, pasta, Moon chips and more) Each one of them carries a different flavor with a perfect blend of natural ingredients which overall makes them great snack options for anyone, anytime. Our unique recipes are full of flavors, texture, crunchy taste and with all goodness promising a great snacking experience.

Our products are fully manufactured in house. We believe in doing business in a disciplined manner. Our distributors are our biggest strength. We always prioritize their needs and believe in timely payment.

Skitos is made with a lot of passion and hard work by our founder Mr. Poddar and his team is to deliver tasty, healthy, and the best snack flavors to India.  

Our Values

We believe that business is a vehicle to benefit the 4 Cs – Company, Customer, Colleague, and Community. Doing business is the foundation to creating trust amongst the 4 Cs and the key to building a sustainable enterprise.

We have translated Ethical business into the following 5 values which we practice at Ceeta Group:

  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Trustworthiness
  • Honesty
  • Timeliness

Practicing these values for the past 38 years has helped us to not only survive but thrive in the challenging mine-field of business wherein we have identified profitable opportunities, grown them profitably, and also exited businesses in a win-win manner when they no longer made sense to us. In life and business, nothing is permanent. Our values help us to manage this impermanence to benefit the 4 Cs.

Our Director, KM Poddar, and his team carry experience of 38 years in doing business. Building trust by doing business with our clients and partners has enabled us to expand our business across India. It should also be noted that Ceeta Group has been fully compliant with SEBI, ROC, and BSE requirements

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