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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not use hydrogenated fat in the production of our potato chips.

We’d love to fill our bags to the top with crisps, but unfortunately they’re rather fragile and so would get crushed before you even bought them. We fill our bags with a protective atmosphere to give the crisps some cushioning and to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible. We weigh every single bag that’s made and ensure that they all deliver the weight printed on the back of the packet.

We take care of allergens with great care and standardized procedures. Our potato chips are processed ensuring that there are no cross contamination with allergens like tree nuts.

All Ceeta own-brand potato chips are gluten free and adhere to the legal guidelines necessary to make this claim. However, please note that we handle gluten containing products in the same areas that gluten free products are handled. The law describes ‘gluten free’ as a product that contains less than 20mg/kg of gluten. This means that some of the products may contain tiny amounts of residual gluten which should be noted by those who are extremely sensitive. Please see guidance on this at the Food Standards Agency website and if you are in doubt please contact us.

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